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Al Bandiero

AL BANDIERO’S (ACTOR/PRODUCER) first film was Rocky IV, the highest-grossing film in the series. Not a bad way to start an acting career. He was a regular for 72 episodes on a Fox Network-owned show, called Desire. It was seen in 96% of the United States and 52 countries around the world. He was a co-lead in the Independent film, Go for It, distributed by Lionsgate Studios and purchased by HBO. Al is the lead in The Company, a tribute to the film noir genre of the 1950s. Along with several screenplays in various stages of development, he is an executive producer and one of the leads in Matter of Family, a drama series on cable TV being developed by Al and his wife, Marlyn. He has appeared in numerous TV commercials and his voice has been heard on TV and radio commercials for products such as Revlon, Volvo, Nestea Ice Tea, etc. Al was a hugely successful radio personality in NYC on legendary stations KTU, HOT 97, and WPLJ along with hosting many national TV

Marlyn Bandiero

MARLYN BANDIERO, (WRITER/PRODUCER) is a freelance screenwriter commissioned to write the script for Blue Betrayal. The story is inspired by true events and the screenplay was nominated for Best Drama and Best Dramatic Scene at the AOF International Film Festival. Her short script, Modern Love was picked from over 2000 worldwide submissions, making the top twelve finalists in a Roman Coppola/W Hotel/Intel screenplay competition. Born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in NYC, she is a graduate of Manhattan College with a bachelor’s in International Affairs. She received a coveted internship at the United Nations where she researched and edited periodicals for the Department for Disarmament Affairs. Marlyn has also written a popular children’s book, Dante’s Cool Wheels, (available on Amazon). A story inspired by the 14-year journey with her disabled German Shepherd Dog.


A crime/thriller - Production completed

Blue Betrayal

A crime/drama inspired by true events - Script completed - Feature film in development

The Mine on Gehenna Road

A horror film - Script completed
Film in development
Possible sequals

Shadow of Deceit

A female-driven action/suspense feature film - Script completed
Possible sequals

Reconciling Lola

A family comedy/drama feature film - Script completed

Matter of Family

A scripted TV series for cable/streaming platforms
Pilot script completed

By Invitation Only

An unscripted TV series that showcases the music of the Rat Pack - Hosted by Al Bandiero


An unscripted TV series that focuses on IVF and its effect on couples.


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